Hispabrick Magazine #005

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  1. luiggi says:

    Hispabrick Magazine 005 is now available in English and in Spanish.

    This issue is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars line and
    features several articles about SW related issues (MOCs, a competition to win a
    chrome Darth Vader, etc.)

    There are also a number of recurrent sections on LDraw, getting started with
    MINDSTORMS and Building trees.

    We have also interviewed Jan Beyer and Mark Kelso and you will find an in depth
    review of the Emerald Night and the new PF Train system along with several other

    You can download it free at http://www.hispabrickmagazine.com/ or read it
    on-line at

    We would appreciate if you could take the time to leave a comment with your
    thoughts about this issue to help us improve.

    We are also looking for collaborators for the next issue so if you are
    interested in writing an article or have any other ideas, please do not hesitate
    to contact us at: info AT hispabrickmagazine DOT com

    Carlos Méndez
    Lluís Gibert
    Jetro de Château

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