How Full is Your PaB?

One of the suggestions that have come up for iPaB has been some type of indicator of how full a wall container is… I think way back when I started this project, I had a similar idea — not only would I like to know what parts are on the PaB wall, but how plentiful are they.  So I looked for a ‘progress bar’ example in CSS, found it simple enough to implement on a web page; added a field to the database, updated the form, did a little testing and voilà!  By indicating ‘near full’, you see the a bar like (6,1); ‘near empty’ will be like (5,1); ‘quarter full’ will be like ‘(6,2); ‘half full’ the bar will be like (6,3); and ‘three quarters full’ will be like (6,4).  I might work on touch up the graphic a little, but let me know what you think.  Hopefully you’ll find is useful.

In the mean time, I’ve added two new stores, Brighton, UK and Milton Keynes, UK.