The Wal-Mart Side-Effect, part 1

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  1. fireartist says:

    Hi, hope you don't mind some questions – you seem to raise some interesting points, but without the same inside-knowledge, I'm unsure quite what you're getting at.
    Do you think the wrong box contents was due to TLG's own processes, or because a thief swapped the contents before returning it to the store?
    What has the collectable minifig & starwars markets got to do with it?
    What are TLG's new policies, and how are they affecting AFOLs?

  2. The wrong content were due to a thief returning the swapped contents/set back to the store — the box was made to look like it wasn't opened up.

    The prices in which minifigs are selling for on the after market is giving rise to creative theft. This a little more unique than what's happened to the Hot Wheels market, where Hot Wheels use to package one rare car per case of cars or one in every 5 cases. Like Willy Wonka and the golden ticket (golden minifig, anyone?), ethics fly out the window when you have to buy a whole series of sets to have a complete line of dwarfs or a whole cast of characters.

    I won't go into the TLG's new policies on-line (if you haven't already heard about them yet from fellow fans), but we can discuss via e-mail if you want.

  3. Also, I have plans to go into more details with the next post. 🙂

  4. I really missed the LEGO display at the festival of the masters. I came for my holidays during that week just to see the display and AFOL, I guess next year I wont need to bother. I should have checked first, silly me.

  1. October 12, 2015

    […] I didn’t intend to write a blog follow up to The Wal-Mart Side Effect, part 1 just yet, but this is […]

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