Category: Art


GFLUG’s “Art from A Toy” Art show

Here’s a short video from GFLUG’s “Art from A Toy” art show at Polk State College in Winter Haven. Not exactly our largest display, but it’s drawing great attention for the college’s art gallery....


Festival of the Masters 2011

Fish in a Bowl, originally uploaded by jmenomeno. Festival of the Masters is happening this weekend at Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL. GFLUG has a LEGO display right outside the LEGO Imagination Center —...


“LightBright” Mosaic

3dmosaic-1, originally uploaded by DJ Baggadonuts. Builder DJ Baggadonuts created a mosaic using Black 1 x 1 Modified Bricks with Headlight and gem pieces that can be lit up from the back like a...

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