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More Updates

One of my ideas for BrickBuildr is to (down the road) better integrate the web-site with Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Open ID.  I honestly don’t want to store any passwords on BrickBuildr; so you’d...


The Stock Room

So this feature probably shouldn’t have taken this long to implement, but I got a request to add the Saarbrücken, Germany store (a 8×6 wall) with a few extra columns to indicate parts the store might have...


New Colors & 12 New LEGO Stores

Just a quick update: I’ve been asked to add trans-purple and dark purple to the list of available part colors; these colors are turning up on the Copenhagen, Denmark PaB wall. I ended up taking...


How Full is Your PaB?

One of the suggestions that have come up for iPaB has been some type of indicator of how full a wall container is… I think way back when I started this project, I had...


BrickBuildr Updates

I got a message early this morning saying there’s will be a new LEGO store in the Miami area, based upon some information from a recent LEGO store flyer — looks like there will...


New Download Feature

New Download Feature, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Before I continue one with the commissioned building talk, I wanted to take a few moments and announce a new feature to iPaB. Now on the summary...

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