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iPaB Update 0

iPaB Update

There’s someone or some server in France is maliciously emptying containers in Schaumburg, IL… about 20+ so far.  I’ve shut off what the “Sold Out” button does to the database for now, until I...

Some Problems with BrickBuildr 0

Some Problems with BrickBuildr

So I got up this morning to check BrickBuildr and there seems to be some problems… A lot of what you see on BrickBuildr is due to Flickr’s API… I have a process that...

New Items 0

New Items

Just added some new items to BrickBuildr, now you can view a User Cloud, a Group Cloud by Photos or a Group Cloud by Members, and added an option to View Groups by Categories.


Slowness with the Site

If you experience slowness with the BrickBuildr web-site, it might be due to Flickr having some technical difficulties. Within the last few weeks Flickr has lost a switch which prevented them from serving up...



I created a web-site called BrickBuildr using Flickr’s API (via phpFlickr). I read a few post on Lugnet about people found it hard to find AFOL’s LEGO pictures on Flickr, that their LEGO pictures...

Tag Cloud Added 0

Tag Cloud Added

Added a new tab called “Flickr Tags”. Under it you’ll see how AFOLs are tagging their LEGO images — the bigger the font size, the more images tagged with that word. Check it out!

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