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Kabanei of the Iron Fortress

So it’s rare that one of the anime’s I watch shows up as a LEGO MOC in my newsfeed, and yet, here is one.  Kabanei of the Iron Fortress is a steampunk zombie  anime,...


Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving day tomorrow in the US. It’s a time for family, parades, turkey, and a time to be thankful. Then on Friday, it’s a time of rampant consumerism and finding the best LEGO...


Forums on Brickbuildr

I’m a little hesitant to add Forums to Brickbuildr, simply because it invites all kind of hacking, but it is a good tool for communication.  I’ve set up two discussion areas “Community” and “Pick-a-Brick” —...


Separated at Birth?

No.  This is NOT an announcement to say that LEGO Universe is back from the dead.  But here’s two blasts from the past — LUGNET and LEGO Universe.  As part of updating the BrickBuildr, I’m...


Handmade LEGO Crafts

So I’m finding it interesting that people are crafting with LEGO and using it as jewelry.  You can see tons of it over at Etsy, just search for “LEGO”.  I’ve also noticed it’s become a big fad...


Andy’s Creeper

Here’s a video of Andy Milluzzi’s Creeper bot from Orlando Maker Faire a few months ago… I would have shared it earlier, but I keep forgetting to. 🙁


Quick Update

Heading into 2014, it’s never a dull moment… I’ve been procrastinating on a project that I need to finish by mid January — OrangeLUG will be participating in The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons Exhibition...

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