Category: Convention


Wizarding House

Here’s my Wizarding House as displayed at Bricks by the Bay 2019 and my Flickr album. I’ll do a write up of the event later…


Handmade LEGO Crafts

So I’m finding it interesting that people are crafting with LEGO and using it as jewelry.  You can see tons of it over at Etsy, just search for “LEGO”.  I’ve also noticed it’s become a big fad...


Flickr & Brickworld

If you haven’t heard, Flickr has redesigned their web-site and it seems that many in the LEGO fan community don’t approve. Personally, I’m indifferent. Facebook and Google+ also got a redesign, but no one...



DSC04259, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Megacon is around the corner; that means that GFLUGers will be working on their moonbase modules… This is a picture of Todd Thuma’s Biosphere from last year — it’s...

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