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Handmade LEGO Crafts

So I’m finding it interesting that people are crafting with LEGO and using it as jewelry.  You can see tons of it over at Etsy, just search for “LEGO”.  I’ve also noticed it’s become a big fad...


Found: Melted Lego Lamp

Found: Melted Lego Lamp Originally uploaded by mhuffman Ok, there was a link to this off of I was shocked & horrified… It’s twisted… It’s cruel… Oh, the humanity! But it’s totally cool!...


Brick Shaped Gummy Candies

LeGummies Originally uploaded by SFHandyman Now this is just super cool! Making your own food-grade silicon mold & brick shaped gummy candies in 5 easy steps. Our LUG has a Christmas party coming up...


LEGO as Jewelry

Maharajah’s 6th Originally uploaded by rewarestyle Now I’ve seen crafty looking LEGO jewelry that looks cool, but this LEGO jewelry really elevates the art form to a new level. There’s also a few “artist’s...

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