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New Download Feature

New Download Feature, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Before I continue one with the commissioned building talk, I wanted to take a few moments and announce a new feature to iPaB. Now on the summary...

iPaB Update 0

iPaB Update

There’s someone or some server in France is maliciously emptying containers in Schaumburg, IL… about 20+ so far.  I’ve shut off what the “Sold Out” button does to the database for now, until I...

New iPaB Wall View on BrickBuildr 1

New iPaB Wall View on BrickBuildr

Another New Feature on BrickBuildrOriginally uploaded by mhuffman I was so exicited when I first released iPaB. When I told my LUG-mates about it, their only criticism (in jest) was “you should make a...

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