Category: Orlando


Andy’s Creeper

Here’s a video of Andy Milluzzi’s Creeper bot from Orlando Maker Faire a few months ago… I would have shared it earlier, but I keep forgetting to. 🙁


Quick Update

Heading into 2014, it’s never a dull moment… I’ve been procrastinating on a project that I need to finish by mid January — OrangeLUG will be participating in The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons Exhibition...



DSC04259, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Megacon is around the corner; that means that GFLUGers will be working on their moonbase modules… This is a picture of Todd Thuma’s Biosphere from last year — it’s...


MegaCon 2011

Well, MegaCon 2011 is now over. Here’s links to videos I took of our display, starting at one end and working my way around. Jurassic Park Transformers/Star Wars Star Wars Hoth Hoth Star Wars/Lost...

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