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Kabanei of the Iron Fortress

So it’s rare that one of the anime’s I watch shows up as a LEGO MOC in my newsfeed, and yet, here is one.  Kabanei of the Iron Fortress is a steampunk zombie  anime,...


My LEGO Creations

Festival of the Masters is coming up soon.  I’ve been spending some time thinking about what I’m going t build this year… Our theme is “Water, Water Everywhere.”  A little silly, but with the...


Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach, originally uploaded by I Scream Clone. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a crazy week at work… Let’s all head out to the beach or grill out this weekend!...



LOST – Season 1 – Hurley, originally uploaded by lights. I’m just glad it’s over, now! I’m still dealing with the first 3 stages (denial, anger and bargaining) of the 5 stages of grief....



MarioSC2, originally uploaded by Noro Este. Now this is just cool! I’m a fan of Mario. I might have to borrow this idea for our MegaCon display.



Box surprise: The ups highlighted this wonderful building in the Forum 0937. The same case to say: Can you do anything with LEGO 🙂 LBaixinho All I can say is… OMG, this is awesome!


Downtown Tampa Display

GFLUG_May09-4, originally uploaded by robstormer. Just to plug my LUG… GFLUG has a LEGO display of Downtown Tampa at 100 North Tampa Street (that’s in downtown Tampa, btw). from May 18th to May 29th....

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