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From what I gather, a German AFOL has contracted a company to apply a chrome coating to several LEGO pieces. They look beautiful! But I’m sure the process is not inexpensive to do. All...


Fill My Room!

Okay… this is one I should have thought of — will put a 2×4 LEGO brick in their room for each $1 donated, with special on-line advertisements to those who donate $10 or...


And I Had To Laugh!

Found this funny: And I find it funny because on one hand, I do understand The LEGO Group’s point of protecting the ‘brand’, but on the other hand, you can’t fight the consumer…...


LEGO Factory Sets

Okay… if you haven’t heard from Jake’s web-site or LUGNET, there’s three new sets coming out branded ‘LEGO Factory’. Now, they’re cool sets & a great source of rare/hard to find pieces. Initially, there...


Laugh or Cry?

Don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this? It looks so much like Playmobil. You wonder what they’re thinking over there at The LEGO Group, sometimes. And this bothers me. Why the...

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