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Lego Impulse Sets at Target 0

Lego Impulse Sets at Target

Lego Impulse Sets at Target,originally uploaded by Captain Solo. Yeah! Star Wars impulse sets hit Target! I’m excited about this because I’ve missed the newest Star Wars poly-bags sets ’cause I haven’t been keeping...


Brickshow 2008

Brickshow2 068 Originally uploaded by clarity2199 Despite the controversy and personality behind the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum, I really admire the work Dan Brown has put into getting the museum off the ground....


Ravensburger Puzzles?

So here’s a new one on me… A co-worker sent a link to me of a Ravensburger Puzzle with LEGO sets. It’s a puzzle of a picture of a LEGO set(s) and a little...


Before the Dark Ages

I started into Lego around the age of 6-7 years old. I remember having something similar to #460 (Rescue Units), maybe the #455 (Learjet), and some generic universal building set from the 70’s. And...

LEGO Antique Toys & Dolls Collection To Be Offered 0

LEGO Antique Toys & Dolls Collection To Be Offered

To quote from the article: “As collecting has grown over the years, and dolls and toys are reaching stratospheric prices within an arena of hundreds of thousands of dollars, collectors have become just as...

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