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‘Edit Bin’ is now fixed

To let everyone know, the ‘edit bin’ should be working again. A plugin was upgraded and broke it. Image: Spontaneous Self Disassembly Source:


Forums on Brickbuildr

I’m a little hesitant to add Forums to Brickbuildr, simply because it invites all kind of hacking, but it is a good tool for communication.  I’ve set up two discussion areas “Community” and “Pick-a-Brick” —...


What’s New?

I’ve been working a lot lately and haven’t had the time to update the web-site as much. I’ve also been changing my focus — looking to simplify or streamline aspects of my hobbies. For...


New Web Host

I’m transferring BrickBuildr to a new web host today.  Shouldn’t take longer than a few hours, so please hold off on updating the Pick-a-Brick wall until I’m finished.  We should be back on-line soon....


iPaB Parts Data

I was adding a new part to the database this morning, when I did something catastrophic — the part name don’t show up correctly.  I’ll be spending the next few days correcting this error,...


Quick Update

Heading into 2014, it’s never a dull moment… I’ve been procrastinating on a project that I need to finish by mid January — OrangeLUG will be participating in The Art of Warner Bros. Cartoons Exhibition...


Quick Part Update

For those of you unaware, the Orlando PaB (the one closest to me) changes stock daily; and any new parts that show up to the wall get snatched up very quickly.  I knew that...



Just a heads up, now that the move to the new server is complete, I’ll be making some changes to web site to make it more mobile device friendly.  The changes will probably take...

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