Category: Updates


Switching Servers

My hosting provider had a sector go bad on the server’s hard drive. So I apologize for if the web-site has been unreachable, or if it looked like it was dead. We have been...


The Past Few Months

I’m not going to go into details what’s been going on lately, let’s just say the last few months has been stressful since MegaCon. I have some new store information that I’m hoping to...


500 People?!?!

Somehow I missed this, but it looks like BrickBuildr has over 500 people using it’s photo service.  I know at some point I need to go through and remove users that no longer have...


A Quick Update

Just a quick update — I’ve been working on creating an web service API for BrickBuildr, similar in spirit to the BrickSet web service… It still a work in progress, for now.  I’ve added...


Lynnwood, WA

Just added the Lynnwood, WA store and new parts to the database today.  And fix a problem with some of the RSS feeds.


228 Web-Sites Added

I have added about 228 web-sites to BrickBuildr — look for them under the ‘sites‘ menu on the web-site.  I feel this is still the tip of the iceberg in terms of the on-line...


More Updates

One of my ideas for BrickBuildr is to (down the road) better integrate the web-site with Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Open ID.  I honestly don’t want to store any passwords on BrickBuildr; so you’d...


Using ReCaptcha with BrickBuildr

Updating a iPaB wall just became easier.  After adding the inventory for Legoland Florida, I got tired of entering the two digit code, very quickly!  I figured integrating ReCaptcha into the web-site was long...


The Stock Room

So this feature probably shouldn’t have taken this long to implement, but I got a request to add the Saarbrücken, Germany store (a 8×6 wall) with a few extra columns to indicate parts the store might have...


New Colors & 12 New LEGO Stores

Just a quick update: I’ve been asked to add trans-purple and dark purple to the list of available part colors; these colors are turning up on the Copenhagen, Denmark PaB wall. I ended up taking...