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Attention Flickr.

Attention Flickr., originally uploaded by daveexmachina. “Srsly, I agree! Now return you to your normal Flickr stream, there’s nothing to see here.” Sorry, this made me laugh this morning, because it’s so true.


LEGO Handcuffs?

LEGO Handcuffs?, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Sorry… I thought this was a strange thing to find at the LEGO store –LEGO handcuffs… just wrong on so many levels. In other news, the LEGO Imagination...


My LEGO Network

*rant-on* Okay… One of the members of GFLUG is big into My LEGO Network (or MLN for short). It’s a social network filled with games, quests, building friends & objects, trading objects, etc. aimed...


Found: Melted Lego Lamp

Found: Melted Lego Lamp Originally uploaded by mhuffman Ok, there was a link to this off of I was shocked & horrified… It’s twisted… It’s cruel… Oh, the humanity! But it’s totally cool!...


WTF? Heavy Load?

So I got this message trying to go to LUGNET today: Server temporarily unavailable due to heavy load.  Please try again in a few minutes. Since when is LUGNET ever busy? The forums is...


Carrier LEGO Van Kit?

WTF? Anyone know where this one came from? If so, please e-mail me. There’s a copy of one on eBay for sale. A follow up: found this… it came from a Carrier convention back...


Ravensburger Puzzles?

So here’s a new one on me… A co-worker sent a link to me of a Ravensburger Puzzle with LEGO sets. It’s a puzzle of a picture of a LEGO set(s) and a little...


WTF: Green Octopi?

What Lego set did green octopi come in? We wants it, my precious… There’s some dicussion over on BrickLink, but no one has a clue if it’s a real LEGO item or just a...

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