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Download the iPaB update form. Print it out, take it to your local LEGO store, write down the parts description/color, then update iPaB! Thanks to Moctagon Jones for this wonderful form!

Don’t see your local LEGO store? Send me a Flickr mail letting me know the dimensions of your LEGO store’s PaB and I’ll get it added ASAP!

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Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Vienna Donauzentrum, Austria2018-10-10(1 week ago)
Vienna SCS, Austria2018-09-12(1 month ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Wijnegem, Belgium2018-09-06(1 month ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Calgary, AB, Canada2018-10-04(2 weeks ago)
Edmonton, AB, Canada2017-05-02(1 year ago)
Fairview Mall Toronto, ON, Canada2017-08-05(1 year ago)
Laval QC, Canada2018-09-17(1 month ago)
Pointe Claire, QC, Canada2018-08-28(1 month ago)
Sherway Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada2018-08-10(2 months ago)
Surrey, BC, Canada2018-10-14(4 days ago)
Vancouver, BC, Canada2018-09-07(1 month ago)
Winnipeg, MB, Canada2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Yorkdale Toronto, ON, Canada2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Copenhagen (København), Denmark2018-08-11(2 months ago)
LEGOLAND, Denmark2018-07-10(3 months ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Bordeaux Sainte-Catherine, France2018-07-10(3 months ago)
Clermont-Ferrand, France2018-02-05(8 months ago)
Disneyland Paris, France2018-10-17(1 day ago)
Levallois-Perret, France2018-10-17(1 day ago)
Lille, France2017-11-11(11 months ago)
Lyon, France2018-06-14(4 months ago)
Paris Les Halles, France2017-04-12(1 year ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Berlin, Germany2018-10-08(1 week ago)
Cologne (Köln), Germany2018-09-28(2 weeks ago)
Essen, Germany2018-02-08(8 months ago)
Frankfurt, Germany2018-09-22(3 weeks ago)
Hamburg, Germany2018-06-05(4 months ago)
Leipzig, Germany2018-09-29(2 weeks ago)
Munich (München) Pasing, Germany2018-05-31(4 months ago)
Munich (München) Riem, Germany2018-07-08(3 months ago)
Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany2018-10-14(4 days ago)
Oberhausen, Germany2018-09-03(1 month ago)
Saarbrücken, Germany2018-10-04(2 weeks ago)
Berlin (Legoland Discovery Centre)2018-02-08(8 months ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Stockholm, Sweden2018-01-08(9 months ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Bluewater, Kent, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Brighton, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Cardiff, Wales, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Glasgow, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Leeds, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Liverpool, UK2018-08-08(2 months ago)
London Leicester Square, UK2018-08-08(2 months ago)
London Stratford, UK2017-09-18(1 year ago)
London Westfield, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Manchester, UK2018-01-01(9 months ago)
Milton Keynes, UK2017-11-11(11 months ago)
Newcastle, UK2017-11-11(11 months ago)
Sheffield, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Watford, UK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Store NameLast Updated OnAgoRSS
Alpharetta, GA2018-10-17(1 day ago)
Annapolis, MD2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Austin, TX2018-03-12(7 months ago)
Beachwood, OH2018-01-03(9 months ago)
Bellevue, WA2018-07-25(2 months ago)
Birmingham, AL2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Braintree, MA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Bridgewater, NJ2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Burlington, MA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Canoga Park, CA2017-09-28(1 year ago)
Chandler, AZ2018-09-14(1 month ago)
Charlotte, NC2018-09-14(1 month ago)
Cherry Hill, NJ2017-04-16(1 year ago)
Chicago, IL2018-01-07(9 months ago)
Cincinnati, OH2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Columbus, OH2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Concord, NC2018-08-10(2 months ago)
Costa Mesa, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Dallas, TX2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Danbury, CT2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Denver, CO2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Des Peres, MO2018-10-14(4 days ago)
Elizabeth, NJ2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Elmhurst, NY2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Freehold, NJ2017-09-18(1 year ago)
Friendswood, TX2014-07-05(4 years ago)
Frisco, TX2017-10-01(1 year ago)
Garden City, NY2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Glendale, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Hanover, MD2018-08-16(2 months ago)
Honolulu, HI2017-09-04(1 year ago)
Houston, TX2018-03-17(7 months ago)
Indianapolis, IN2017-04-01(1 year ago)
King of Prussia, PA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Las Vegas, NV2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Lone Tree, CO2018-07-07(3 months ago)
Lynnwood, WA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
McLean, VA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Miami, FL2017-10-19(12 months ago)
Mission Viejo, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Nashville, TN2018-10-10(1 week ago)
Natick, MA2018-03-04(7 months ago)
New York City, NY2018-03-16(7 months ago)
Newark, DE2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Northbrook, IL2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Oklahoma City, OK2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Ontario, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Orland Park, IL2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Overland Park, KS2018-09-25(3 weeks ago)
Paramus, NJ2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Peabody, MA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Phoenix, AZ2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Pleasanton, CA2018-02-11(8 months ago)
Providence, RI2018-02-11(8 months ago)
Raleigh, NC2015-08-17(3 years ago)
Sacramento, CA2015-11-12(2 years ago)
San Antonio, TX2017-09-04(1 year ago)
San Diego, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
San Mateo, CA2016-01-06(2 years ago)
Santa Clara, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Schaumburg, IL2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Seattle, WA2018-09-11(1 month ago)
Sunrise, FL2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Tigard, OR2018-08-28(1 month ago)
Troy, MI2015-03-21(3 years ago)
Victor, NY2017-10-16(1 year ago)
Wauwatosa, WI2017-04-01(1 year ago)
West Hartford, CT2017-04-01(1 year ago)
West Nyack, NY2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Woodlands, TX2018-07-23(2 months ago)
Anaheim, CA2017-04-01(1 year ago)
Minneapolis, MN2017-11-20(11 months ago)
Orlando, FL2017-04-26(1 year ago)
Lawrenceville, GA2018-10-17(1 day ago)
Woodbridge, VA2015-10-11(3 years ago)
LEGOLAND, FL2016-04-27(2 years ago)
Atlanta (Legoland Discovery Centre)2018-10-17(1 day ago)
Dallas/Fort Worth (Legoland Discovery Centre)2018-04-04(6 months ago)

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