BrickBuildr is a fan web-site dedicated to viewing LEGO related photos on Flickr — hopefully simplifing the search for great LEGO builders on Flickr, without the fuss of viewing a gazzillion non-LEGO images. 🙂 Here is some more background information on why I created this web-site.

BrickBuildr is 671 users strong, with 0 LEGO related groups, consisting of 597086 photos, tagged with 71409 tags.

If you have any suggestions or other Flickr Groups to add to the list, please Flicker mail or e-mail me.

Remember after joining, tell you friends to join as well! 🙂

How Do I Join?

  1. Sign up for a Flickr account & post some of your LEGO photos… MOCs, WIPs, displays, recent trips to Legoland, LEGO conventions, etc.
  2. Tag your LEGO photos on Flickr with the tag ‘lego’.
  3. On the left hand side of this web-page, under ‘Sign In’, click on the ‘Flickr’ button. You will be redirected to Flickr and asked to authorize this web-site; please authorize BrickBuildr to look at your photos.
  4. And that’s it; you’ve joined!

What’s This Authorize Thing?

The site is only asking for ‘read’ permission to look at your photos. According to the Flickr API documentation, we’re only looking to view ‘public’ photos & tags to be able to index them for the BrickBuildr’s web-site.

Just Joined, But No Photos?

I’m still working on having the site automatically index your photos after you join. If your photos don’t show up, make sure your photos are tagged ‘lego’. If they are tagged correctly, it might take up to 4 hours for the site to index your photos.


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