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New iPaB Wall View on BrickBuildr 1

New iPaB Wall View on BrickBuildr

Another New Feature on BrickBuildrOriginally uploaded by mhuffman I was so exicited when I first released iPaB. When I told my LUG-mates about it, their only criticism (in jest) was “you should make a...

The Gate 0

The Gate

3Originally uploaded by Kris_Kelvin Don’t know anything about this or who the builder is other than his name is Kris Kelvin and he’s a LUGPol member. The pictures are amazing. Take a look for...

HKLUG’s Olympic Display 0

HKLUG’s Olympic Display

LEGO Sport City by HKLUG When I first saw this a few weeks ago, I was completely blown away… the level of detail & the amount of work (and bricks) that went into HKLUG’s...

LEGO Puppetry 0

LEGO Puppetry

LEGO Pinocchio So here’s the next evolution in LEGO MOCs, LEGO puppetry. It’s such a cool idea that I’m wondering why it never came up before… very simple in it’s construction. And it would...

COLTC at the Ohio State Fair 0

COLTC at the Ohio State Fair

fair main gates COLTC is displaying again at the Ohio State Fair. You can see the display from July 30 to Aug 10, 2008 at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, OH. View photos...


Campy Batman Vigs

I’m a little surprised that there haven’t been more campy Batman vigs. Adam West, the 60’s Batman TV show and the wacky situations Batman and Robin were left in — you’d think there’d be...

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