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Brickshelf RIP (2000-2007)

I’ve tried to resist jumping onto the bandwagon with this one… but I found this petition to be a little funny… There seems to be a few different sides in reaction to Brickself going...

AFOLs In Town 0

AFOLs In Town

If you haven’t been reading LUGNET lately, it’s okay. I haven’t been either. It was by luck that I have messages from the Buy/Sell/Trade group e-mailed to me. I saw that Janey “Red Brick”...


WTF: Green Octopi?

What Lego set did green octopi come in? We wants it, my precious… There’s some dicussion over on BrickLink, but no one has a clue if it’s a real LEGO item or just a...



So get this… I get the paper on Sunday and see that K-Mart has a ‘buy one get one half off’ sale on Lego. Since they closed most of the K-Marts in Columbus, decided...

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