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The European Economy

On the way into work today, I tuned into the Diane Rehm’s show, talking about the  Results of the Greek Elections and the Future of the Euro Zone… Long story short, it sounds like...


More Updates

One of my ideas for BrickBuildr is to (down the road) better integrate the web-site with Flickr, Facebook, Google+, and Open ID.  I honestly don’t want to store any passwords on BrickBuildr; so you’d...

“Little Guys… In Space!” 0

“Little Guys… In Space!”

Many of you know about LEGO’s Cuusoo web-site.  On one level, it’s a neat way of crowd-sourcing product ideas; separating out the “wants” from a few individuals, from ideas that are potentially in demand....


LEGO Foliage

So it recently came up on GFLUG’s private Facebook group that a 3rd party is making LEGO foliage in fall colors (orange, yellow, burnt-browns, etc.).  Personally, I like the idea… And I might purchase...

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