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Looking for Feedback

As many of you already know, Legoland Florida will open its doors on Oct. 15th, 2011.  Most of GFLUG has talked about going opening day & most of us have annual passes so we’ll...


MegaCon 2011

Well, MegaCon 2011 is now over. Here’s links to videos I took of our display, starting at one end and working my way around. Jurassic Park Transformers/Star Wars Star Wars Hoth Hoth Star Wars/Lost...


Wax/Wane of Video Game Development?

In LEGO Universe news comes this post: LEGO Universe developer NetDevil, based in Colorado, have laid-off “a lot of talented folks” reveals a now former employee. The studio has cut “over 20 people.” Only...


A LEGO Book on Love

So this past weekend, my wife and I went to the LEGO store and saw they had new Valentine’s Day sets in stock, #40016 and #40015. I was more excited about the “Love You”...

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