Category: LEGO Imagination Center


LEGO 2011 Calendar

LEGO 2011 Calendar, originally uploaded by mhuffman. So I spotted the LEGO 2011 Calendar in the LEGO Imagination Center, FL today. I’m thinking it was $9.99. It looked cute; there are 12 pictures on...


LEGO Family

Family, originally uploaded by mhuffman. The LEGO family statues at the Orlando LEGO Imagination Center has been moved from it’s previous location to the far edge of the store, nearest the World of Disney...


LEGO Handcuffs?

LEGO Handcuffs?, originally uploaded by mhuffman. Sorry… I thought this was a strange thing to find at the LEGO store –LEGO handcuffs… just wrong on so many levels. In other news, the LEGO Imagination...

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