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LEGO Sunflowers 0

LEGO Sunflowers

I saw this on a 1000Steine post and thought to myself, those would be cool to make for our layout; I'll order some of the green antennas and green 1×1 plates with clip, I...

AFOLs In Town 0

AFOLs In Town

If you haven’t been reading LUGNET lately, it’s okay. I haven’t been either. It was by luck that I have messages from the Buy/Sell/Trade group e-mailed to me. I saw that Janey “Red Brick”...

Kellogg’s Lego Fruit Flavored Snacks 0

Kellogg’s Lego Fruit Flavored Snacks

Holy crap! Where can I get some of these??? Picked this up from one of the Japanese LEGO blogs that I follow… I guess they’re selling them at Wal-mart in Japan… maybe? I’m not...

Lego Train Display 0

Lego Train Display

Lego train display Originally uploaded by mj*laflaca. Found this picture of GFLTC’s display on Flickr as I was surfing around for a picture to blog about. 🙂 The only thing I’m regretting is that...


#8719 Zamor Spheres

Went to Target the other day and found #8719‘s on clearance, for under $1. After open a few of them up, they are pretty neat. Don’t know what I’m going to do with them,...

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