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LEGO 2011 Calendar

LEGO 2011 Calendar, originally uploaded by mhuffman. So I spotted the LEGO 2011 Calendar in the LEGO Imagination Center, FL today. I’m thinking it was $9.99. It looked cute; there are 12 pictures on...


Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach, originally uploaded by I Scream Clone. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a crazy week at work… Let’s all head out to the beach or grill out this weekend!...


LEGO + Carl’s Jr.

Rocky + Philly = Cheese (Steak Burger) Carl’s Jr. “The Champ” from Karni.TV on Vimeo. Carl’s Jr. “Great Moments in Philly History” from Karni.TV on Vimeo. Carl’s Jr. “It Came From Philly” from Karni.TV...


Attention Flickr.

Attention Flickr., originally uploaded by daveexmachina. “Srsly, I agree! Now return you to your normal Flickr stream, there’s nothing to see here.” Sorry, this made me laugh this morning, because it’s so true.


Lego Games Summer Tour

Lego Games Summer Tour, originally uploaded by Brickapolis™. Here’s a picture of the LEGO Games Summer Tour by Brickapolis. Too bad the tour doesn’t come south into Florida — looks like fun.

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