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16x16 18by18 2 2013 abbandoned actually adds ah99 america amirite an andthisismadewithlaygoezandlego annoying anyways apoc apocalego apocalypse apocalyptic app arc art asscociates automatically awesome awesomeness ba bad bait bdapfvlngelkj be16x16 beret best betrayal big blue bob boi bolivia boom border borothia bricarms brick brickarms brickdom bricker brickforge bricks build buildings built but cameraphone cant chowaboinga civil clone comboez combos comments commercial commwndo complex concept contest cool corps craashed crapload crash crashed creatio creation criticism custom cuz d damage day dem design destroyed destruction details dio diorama down drone empire entry epic eu event explore explored explosion face faction failed fallout faves fig fighter figs first flames flickrandroidapp:filter=tokyo flickrsense foilage for fortress frickin fun futuristic galactic game geeblez giv got graffiti greebleh greebles greebs group guns h hate haz head htc i ides if ihazbrickarmsxseriesd innaccurate instagram is it its juggernaut jungle just k3loid kaboom keloid kewland knights know kotor lago landing landscape laygo laygoez leg legends legopics legos legovignette liek life light lighting like lmg lob lol lygoez made maed mah makes march marin marine mech medieval microscale military minifig minifigs minifigure minigig moar moc mocathlon mocpages moountains mutants nar never new night no nuclear old one operating ops or orcs outdoor overgrown overview pandora patrol photo photography photooftheday pic picoftheday picofthyeday picture pictures plane plastic please plox plz post postapoc previous progress purge purist put putting raine really rebel rebels red remnant remove retake reusing rtd run sad scene scenen scifi scorpion scourge scout search sharp shot sig sigfig sky smash someone sorry south spec squad ssa star starwars still storm subway swag swagg swaggness swaglegolaygoezswagawesomnessballinyolomilitarymicroscale swat tablescrap tags teh test that the thepurge theremnant thes these thing this those thoughand tie tlg trans trooper type up us usa very vignette vtol want war warm wars was water we well what white will wip with wonder work write xombiez yellow yolo york you zombies zone
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