Happy Thanksgiving

So I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but I also wanted to comment on the turkey of a gift that I got from LEGO as part of my BrickMaster subscription… I got a #4906, a 16 piece Creator set. Now, I pay good money for this subscription only to get a crappy 16 piece set? WTF? I’ve been very happy with my BrickMaster subscription up until now… this just seems like a real let down. And in my most recent LEGO catalog, they offer this set as an ‘exclusive’ set — HA! That’s funny… what is LEGO thinking?

I should be more thankful… I’m thankful for my wife! I’m thankful that my wife is making a Oreo cheesecake this morning — it smells delicious! I’m thankful that my family is healthy. I’m thankful for a place to live & that my wife & I are employed. I’m thankful for good friends. So I guess I should be thankful that LEGO hasn’t gone out of business — I know they try hard despite their stupid marketing department. 🙂