Disney Fans also Question LEGO Deal

So most of you know by now that Disney and LEGO have signed a deal to produce sets based on Toy Story, Cars, and Prince of Persia.  Now, I like the MEGA Block Car sets and was mad that MEGA Brands had the license deal.  And I’m looking forward to doing a Radiator Springs display.  And I’m really looking forward to see what LEGO does with the Toy Story brand.  But what threw me was the Prince of Persia announcement… I didn’t know another movie based on some video game was coming out; generally these movies don’t do well at the box office (see Doom, Tomb Raider, etc.).  Why would you produce product based on a untested brand (even though Disney is behind it, doesn’t make it an automatic hit).

And now looking at some of the Disney fan blogs , they’re not to happy with the idea as well.  My favorite quote:

Jones: Persia, sir. It’s what they used to call Iran.
Exec: Hmm, Iran, not too sure about that. Aren’t we at war with Iran?
Jones: Not yet, sir. Maybe you’re thinking of Iraq?
Exec: Bah, they’re all the same. But excellent, that means there’s still time for us to exploit the country’s history and culture for our own personal gain.


Jones: … And people love Lego for some reason. …

 Looks like it’ll be the next Avatar or Galidor fiasco.