Brickfair & Mini MegaCon this Weekend

Brickfair swag
Brickfair swag,
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Joe Meno has started posting pictures to Flickr from BrickFair. Yeah! I am blown away the with the number of registered attendees to BrickFair… all I can say, it will be crazy, busy, plastic fun convention… Wish I could be there.

The reason for not being in DC this weekend? GFLUG will be displaying at (Mini) MegaCon this weekend. Can’t let my mates down. 🙂 This Mini MegaCon is a smaller show (the bigger show is in spring). It’s a geek convention — comics, artists, actors, models, wrestlers, robotics, anime, LARPers, gamers, etc. It’s a fun mix of people watching & gawking — there’s lots of cos-players there as well.

I’ll be posting pictures all weekend from the display — a mix of LEGO and geekness. Oh and so will Joe. 🙂