Limit 5 per Customer

I noticed that there was a “Limit 5 per Customer” on the Series 1 Minifigure Collection through and didn’t think anything of it at the time.  The same restriction was posted at the LEGO Imagination Center (LIC) when I was in shopping the other weekend.  But looking at on-line, the “Limit 5 per Customer” seems to extend to many items on the LEGO web-site.  That makes me wonder if they’ve been getting many customer complaints.  The message read when you click on the “Limit 5 per Customer” link:

We appreciate your interest in ordering large quantities of a particular product. However, in our efforts to be fair to all consumers and children who order products from us, we do have to set a limit of 5 per customer/household on certain items. If your request exceeds this limit, we will have to change your order quantity to 5 to ensure availability for other LEGO customers.

I like this.  In all fairness, everyone should be able to own a particular LEGO set.  I think I would be at odds with this over items meant to be sold in bulk, like buckets — looks like some common sense was applied to which items are limited to customers.