Orlando LIC & LEGO Universe

My wife and I met our friends at the LEGO Imagination Center (LIC) today, I was expecting to be disappointed in their selection.  After we walked in the door, I noticed that one of the LEGO games (#3847 Magma Monster) actually has a orange 16×16 baseplate in it!  I picked one up.  Then I noticed over by the castle section, that the store had the #7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar in-stock — score!  Then as we looked across the store & spotted our friends, we notice they had the #8684 Collectable Minifigs, Series 2 in hand… The store upped the limit to 16 per customer, because families were complaining that they weren’t able to collect a whole set with 5 per customer.  Hurray for the customer!

So it’s been a good (now I’m much poorer) LEGO day.

In other news, I’ve been playing LEGO Universe as a Beta tester on my Mac laptop.  I’m very happy with the game play so far — I’ve unlocked a few worlds, I’ve completed a few quests… so far, I’m very happy with how beautiful the artwork is and the story line.  However, it is very quirky… with enough quirks, that I hope they can iron them out before the general release in October.  I would hate for NetDevil to release something that crashes often, your character pauses for no reason without a way to resume movement, you’re prevent from equipping a faction torso to complete a quest, all character names in a world are replaced with strange graphics (happened once so far, the world started out fine, then gradually degraded over time), and switching from chat to game play causes quirky in-game behavior as well… As a consumer, I would NOT be very happy with the product… But then again, it’s still in Beta.

I plan to fill out a bunch of bug reports tomorrow for the developers… *sigh*