A Look At One of the Largest LEGO Libraries in the World

Ok, picked this up from Modular Life, a story about the LEGO “library” at the NetDevil offices, the makers of LEGO Universe. The article was posted by Kotaku’s tour of NetDevil’s offices, since LEGO Universe is to launch later this October. There’s a gallery of images from the visit with some interesting close-ups of some of the employee’s LEGO creations, photos of the offices’ LEGO storage system (for programmer reference), cubicles, people at work, and this interesting photo that I’m attaching.

Since LEGO has yanked most images of the 2011 lineup from Flickr (due to copyright claims; images I got to see briefly), I’m thinking some of these characters might be from the Ninjago line… But you are all welcome to come up with your own answers & speculate. 🙂

…I like the bone piece used as a axe handle.

UPDATE: Just got a request to yank Kotaku’s image from my blog… And I see there’s been some photos yanked from Kotaku’s article… so out of the original 30+ images, only 26 left.