Quick Update

I’ve been spending some time on the web-site this past week — I’ve added some new parts to the parts selection and a few people have passed on information about the size of some of the PaB walls of stores in North America.  I’ve been updating the pictures for some of the older blog posts and updating content where it’s needed… I’ve also been going down memory lane… To be honest, the past year or maybe longer now, I’ve felt like been going through a little bit of a dark age and I’m feeling a little directionless as far as the hobby is concerned.

I was inspired the other night to talk about the hobby and my creative process; if felt good.  And strolling down memory lane has also inspired me to do something… what that is, I don’t know yet.

In addition to updates, I’ve also added a BrickBuildr Podcast Episode #001, that we recorded back in 2011.  Um, yes, I know it’s a little late, but I think it’s still relevant.  I’m hoping to do more of those coming up soon… As a back burner project, the web-site for BrickNebula is defunct… I don’t think I’ll revive it, but I still have the recordings for that Dave and I made for it… I might listen to them again, see which ones are still sound funny/relevant and maybe publish them here.  But I’ll be looking to do more insightful podcasts soon.