BrickNebula Podcast – Episode #001: Star Wars

So there’s a blast from the past… the very first podcast I did with David Lukens, call Brick Nebula. The web-site is defunct, but I didn’t want to loose the recording, so I’m uploading them here. I tried going back, looking for when we released our first podcast… I’m thinking it was March 2005.

It’s rough to listen to… no music, we had a terrible mics… if I remember correctly, we recorded it at my house… but we had fun.

Some context: new Star Wars sets were coming out, we were trying to get COLTC (now OhioLUG) off the ground with a display at Marcon. Even though I was a castle guy and Dave was a space guy, we decided on a LEGO space-themed podcast.

Here were our picks form the show:

Dave’s Pick:

Mike’s Pick: