So get this… I get the paper on Sunday and see that K-Mart has a ‘buy one get one half off’ sale on Lego. Since they closed most of the K-Marts in Columbus, decided that I’d go on-line and see if I can buy a few sets. Now, I was out at TRU’s web-site earlier that day, they have the same sale going on… They give you a coupon to enter when you check out to get items on sale… So I go on K-Marts web-site thinking they might have a similar situation. I looked online, found a few sets that I wanted to buy, added them to my cart, then started looking for a coupon… hm… I found the circular from my area, but didn’t find a coupon.

So I decided to call their customer service number… hit the #2 to connect to support… and they’re closed… and guess what, they don’t tell you when their open hours are!

Decided to wait till 9pm EST… Called again and finally got a hold of someone. Well, guess what… the circular only applies to those going into a store, it doesn’t apply on-line. STUPID!

“I can apply the sale to your order, if you want to go ahead and place an order on-line…”, the CSR said. “Right…”, I thought to myself. I just don’t want to go through the hassle. Only to have them screw it up and I spend another few hours of my time fighting to get my money back.

It’s just stupid, frustrating, and needless to say, K-Mart didn’t get my business. It’s no wonder they’re losing money, when their technology can’t meet the needs of their customers… Or they can’t adopt their business to changing technology.