My LEGO Network

my lego network*rant-on*

Okay… One of the members of GFLUG is big into My LEGO Network (or MLN for short). It’s a social network filled with games, quests, building friends & objects, trading objects, etc. aimed at kids (the GFLUG member has a 9 year old son). So I tried it out. It’s Flash based. It’s cool. But under Safari on my iMac, it runs soo ssslllooowww; almost to the point of being unusable. When you’re doing a quest and have to click in several places to build objects, or flip from building objects to trading them with Networkers… It’s just painful!

And another thing I find annoying? The LEGO Universe Creation Lab… where people take a building challenge, then show off their creations. Flipping through creations 9 at a time, with so much extra Flash crap on the page just makes it painful to paginate through!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Flash and can see some of the potential benefits of it. But LEGO get a fraking UI designer to help out with your web-site pages. Either find a way to optimize your pages or replace some of the Flash with JavaScript. Bottom line, thinking about he people using your web-site & make them want to keep coming back to it, not making them die from a slow page load!


…I return you to your normal LEGO broadcast & I’m sorry for the interruption…