Separated at Birth?

No.  This is NOT an announcement to say that LEGO Universe is back from the dead.  But here’s two blasts from the past — LUGNET and LEGO Universe.  As part of updating the BrickBuildr, I’m in the process of making the web-site more integrated with my blog, so I’ve imported data over from Blogger.  I’ve been in the process of cleaning up the tags, and going through and reviewing old draft articles… And in this article draft, I asked:

 Separated at Birth?  Or a nod to the Fan of LEGO community?  🙂
The Assembly logo (a LEGO Universe faction) looks suspiciously like the LUGNET logo…  For those of you who have been in the community for some time, will know that LEGO Universe was heavily influenced by other AFOLs within the community.  I don’t doubt this was a nod.
If we’re being honest, I’ve enjoyed both LUGNET and LEGO Universe.  And I’m a little sadden not to see one age well with the times, and for the other to completely disappear.  *sigh*