Building Again

So after a long hiatus, I’m going to attend Brick By The Bay convention next month. I honestly have not done much with LEGO or the web-site in a long time, not from lack of interest, but from life changes that I don’t want to go into here… Needless to say, it’s been good to start building again, taking inspiration from many better builders than myself.

Above is only a WIP, I have more detailing to do. Thought about adding another small floating rock off to the side with another small tree on it or a fountain or a wishing well or some type of mystical conjuring structure… Roof needs to be finished (not completely sold on the look of it yet). I’ve been liking the details of a few medieval houses I’m finding on Flickr, with an angled dilapidated look. The landing pad needs to be better anchored to the structure. Need to add more water detailing around the bottom, and more flowers/plants. And I might alter the look of the building a little more. But overall, I like the direction it’s heading…

My next post (unless something else comes up between now and after the convention), I’ll post thoughts on the convention — it’s one I haven’t attended before, so looking forward to meeting new people, maybe seeing a few faces I haven’t seen in awhile, and seeing a bunch of new LEGO creations.