Pandemic Sorting

Many of my AFOL friends on Facebook are doing pandemic sorting… sorting… and more sorting. I’ve taken the time to do some as well. I feel like I’m about 5% done. This has been one of several attempts to sort out my LEGO collection to a place where it easier to build. My system before was plate, brick, slope, tile, misc… Not a terrible system, but cumbersome when trying to find a 1×1 blue tile in a huge tub of tiles… This time, I resorted to sorting first by color, then by brick type… Still not ideal, and I’ve got a lot of Ziploc bags full of unsorted single color bricks, to be broken down even further.

No matter how I look at this, sorting is about a 2-3 phase approach. Below is the result of sorting most of my tile/panels into two big tubs, then further sorting them by color, then by size. I tend to group certain colors together because (1) like paints, it easier to just grab a smaller tub of a smaller color pallet than a larger tub of many different colors/sizes; (2) when I build, I either need earth (tan, brown, grays) tones, fire (red, yellow, orange) tones, water/floral (blue, green) tones, or black/white… I now have a growing collection of pinks/purples, and sorted out the transparent parts.