Pandemic and the PaB

Thanks to Natasha Smith on Facebook and the LEGO Pick a Brick Wall Exchange Group

The pandemic has not slowed people down from buying LEGO. 🙂 Pictured is the Pick-a-Brick (PaB) parts available at the Castleton’s LEGO store (thanks to Natasha). Most stores have gone this way for selling PaB parts — you tell someone which parts you want and how much you want, then they fill a cup for you. It’s not a bad system, you’re not touching bricks tens of people have touched before you. But it also means you don’t get to pack the cups by stacking parts. 🙂

Some stores have their Build-a-Minifig (BaM) displayed this way as well, or they have pre-packaged set of figs you can pick from (sometime with a generous amount of extra parts). I find it interesting that there’s a female elf released with the BaM. The Elf Club House (#10275) looks to have (maybe?) a female elf as well, but with a green hat, not the pink one… I like variety and diversity, so I’ve picked up 2 pink elves now.

If you’re not subscribed, join the LEGO Pick a Brick Wall Exchange Group on Facebook… Not that I want people to stop using this web-site, but I also find the group useful for shopping.