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Lego Games Summer Tour

Lego Games Summer Tour, originally uploaded by Brickapolis™. Here’s a picture of the LEGO Games Summer Tour by Brickapolis. Too bad the tour doesn’t come south into Florida — looks like fun.


Limit 5 per Customer

I noticed that there was a “Limit 5 per Customer” on the Series 1 Minifigure Collection through and didn’t think anything of it at the time.  The same restriction was posted at the...

Good Bye, 2009!  And thank you. 0

Good Bye, 2009! And thank you.

I can’t say that I’m sad to see the end of 2009. Early 2009, the state of the economy was pretty bad — housing market was terrible, big businesses were closing, the job market...


LEGO’s Lobby

scandinavia09 095, originally uploaded by ford302_91. Just surfing Flickr tonight and stumbled upon this photo of LEGO’s lobby… From what I understand, the 3 reddish-orange flower looking balls are LEGO chandeliers. Love the larger...


A Dusty R2-D2

A Dusty R2-D2, originally uploaded by mhuffman. So if you’re a fan of R2-D2 and LEGO, and you can afford shipping on something like this from Orlando, There’s an ad on Craig’s List offering...



From what I gather, a German AFOL has contracted a company to apply a chrome coating to several LEGO pieces. They look beautiful! But I’m sure the process is not inexpensive to do. All...

LEGO Digital Box Augmented Reality Machine Shows 3D Model 0

LEGO Digital Box Augmented Reality Machine Shows 3D Model

Picked up from Boing Boing Gadgets (by Joel Johnson): I can’t wait to play with the upcoming LEGO Digital Box, an augmented reality machine that will display a fully assembled 3D model on the...

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